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We Love To Talk.

The Postpartisan is just starting on its journey to reduce dogmatic thinking in American politics, public discourse, and especially within the youth. Doing this will require a diverse array of individuals, with different ideologies, experiences, locations, and personalities to spread the word and build up this movement. We at the Postpartisan readily welcome any young person to help contribute, whether it be feedback, writing essays, producing other content, or joining the group more formally. Here is how you can contact us:

  • Ran by eight administration members
  • Currently hosts thirteen articles
  • Taking submissions for new articles via Google Form and Instagram DMs

Meet The Team


May Zheng

May is a senior at Montgomery High School. She's committed to challenging herself in political and philosophical thought and creative expression in the form of art and writing. She's also a chronic tea drinker and music listener.


Ahan Raina

Ahan is a cofounder of the Postpartisan, a graduate of Montgomery High School, and a student at the University of Chicago, where he plans to study Economics and Public Policy. His formative years in learning how to make social change were his time advocating for carbon pricing legislation with the New Jersey Student Climate Advocates. Through the influence of Jordan Peterson, Jonathan Haidt, and others, Ahan finds the reduction of polarization and dogma as well as advocacy for the free exchange of ideas as necessary first steps in promoting social progress.


Alex Tan

Alex is a senior at Montgomery High School whose interests lie in international affairs and economics. He is a co-founder of NJ VOICE and a coach for various debate clubs, which aim at promoting youth and community civic engagement. He has been involved in politics for over 4 years and self-identifies as cautiously progressive. He believes that the partisan divide has reduced American discourse to meaningless controversy that is at a desperate lack of good faith.


Rohin Mishra

Rohin is a senior at Montgomery High School that likes basketball, video games, rap/hip-hop, empathy, and leftist philosophy. Official Bernie Sanders simp. Frankly, it is harassment for anyone to have expectations of him.


Arnav Dashaputra

Arnav is a senior at Montgomery High School. He enjoys playing video games and computer programming. He is the active developer & host of the Post Partisan website. Learn more: https://dashaputra.net.


Aanya Menon

Aanya is a senior at Montgomery High School. She participates in lots of debate and writing outside of school, and has interests in everything from politics to philosophy to football.


Shri Thakur

Shri is a junior at Montgomery High School. He's interested in politics, finance, and healthy intellectual discourse. His beliefs strongly reflect his values of personal responsibility, love of country, and strong traditional morality.


Dennis Liu

Dennis is a high school Junior and is highly interested in economics, politics and law. He values personal responsibility and freedom above all.